One day, you decide to be more technologically savvy and finally buy yourself a computer. The first question that enters your mind is, which one should you buy: a PC or a Mac?

Well, it’s best to begin with the definitions.

PC is short for “personal computer.” When referring to PCs, people usually refer to the computers with the Windows operating system (OS) developed by Microsoft. Mac, on the other hand, is short for “Macintosh,” and refers to the computers developed by Apple.

The war between PC users and Mac users has been going on for a long time. PC users claim that the PC is better than the Mac, while Mac users claim that Macs are better than PCs. Statistically speaking, PCs are more popular than Macs. However, like every other product, it’s not just all about popularity; both PCs and Macs have advantages and disadvantages. One product is better used for certain activities than the other.

In this article, the advantages and disadvantages of PCs and Macs in different criteria (price, user interface, security, software, configuration, and gaming) will be discussed.


Since Apple products tend to require parts exclusively for Apple products, they tend to be more expensive. The individual components of a PC are cheaper, more affordable, and more accessible. Since there are thousands of manufacturers of PCs, you have a wider selection to choose from with affordable prices, while for Apple products, you only have a few and for expensive prices. Also, since there are many manufacturers for PC components, you can have a PC for a cheaper price if you buy the parts separately and build it yourself (or have someone build it for you), instead of buying a prebuilt PC from a manufacturer.

User Interface

Macs are simpler, less complicated, and more intuitive than PCs. Apple products are known for their simplicity of appearance. They are sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing. However, if you are used to PCs, then you might find PCs simpler to use. In the same case, if you are used to Macs, then you might find Macs simpler to use. It depends on the individual user experience.


Since there are more people who use PCs than Macs, and since many people also often have older versions of Windows running as their operating system, in a general sense, if you are PC user, especially if you use an older version of Windows, then you are more vulnerable to attacks. However, this does not mean that Macs are completely immune to viruses and malware.

Regardless of whether you use a PC or a Mac, a malware attack can be prevented by installing antivirus software.


Since PCs have a larger number of users, more developers create software for PCs than Macs. Because of this, when developers create a software, the default market is usually PC users. There are many free software available exclusively for PCs, as well. Of course, the number of software developed for Mac is steadily increasing. A lot of apps like have been made to check out Snapchat nudes and Snapchat porn.

Also, PCs have better backwards compatibility. This means that you can run a newer version of Windows on an older PC, but you cannot say the same for Macs. As a consequence, you always have to buy the newer hardware for Mac so you can use a new feature. This is not the case for PCs.


PCs are more configurable, customizable, and upgradeable than Macs. Every component of a PC can be changed and modified to your liking. As for Macs, the components you can upgrade and change are very limited, usually to hard drives and RAMs. Since there are more PC manufacturers, you have more options when it comes to configuring your device. You can change your display, hard drive, ports, processors, and many others—basically every component.


No question: PCs are the best for gaming. Aside from the fact that games are usually released for PCs first before Macs, since PCs are very reconfigurable and upgradeable, the better the quality of the graphics cards and other components for gaming. This means a better gaming experience.


  • PCs are cheaper than Macs.
  • Macs have a simpler user interface than PCs. (Debatable)
  • Macs face fewer security issues compared to PCs.
  • PCs have more available software.
  • PCs are more customizable than Macs.
  • PCs are better suited for gaming than Macs.

The questions you should ask yourself is, what can you afford? What do you want in your computer? Do you want it to be simple or complex? What will you use it for? Do you really need all that many features? Or are you a power user?

In the end, you have to choose the product that will cater to your needs the best.

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