Development of Nanotechnology in military

Defence system is the important thing for many countries because it wills safe guard their county from threatening. So a country need to develop its army strength is very essential. In before centuries, The Empire of world countries has more power full army strength but it does not have any new technology weapons. Years rolled by, the peoples create new things in many technologies based on their mindset. Now we can discuss about the topic in “Nanotechnology in military side”.

Nanotechnology is one of the new future technology in army side and it can be used in any object like Materials, Weapons, Armor, Computer security, Nanosensors, Vehicles, Nano-Medic and Robotics and anything are applicable for nanotechnology. So a future world meets new army and here the word Armor means Battle suit.

The nanotechnology materials produced based on atomic levels and also cells. The materials are under the control of army scientists. The scientists are creates the materials for battle usages. Lithium-ion, Nickel metal hydride and Lithium manganese dioxide are used to prepare nanotech materials. The Pentagon (comity for military in USA) scientists try to develop nanotechnology materials for defence purpose. USA is a senior country for nanotech material development for the purpose of defence rather than other countries.


Nanotech weapons are in any military component is move the total military level in better stage for modern battlefield. The United States of America, Russia and Germany are creates and improve nanotech weapons algorithm. The Bioterrorist’s are using this type of weapons against on ordinary people and also use for military. As nano techniques also can be designed for medicines for human health purpose. But bioterrorist’s can be using this chance to hurt peoples in many ways. So nano tech weapons are controlled by Guards. Nano tech RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) is a one of the rocket launcher and its type is

  • 9k38
  • AT4
  • Bazooka
  • C-100
  • C-90 CR
  • M3 K
  • Dark120


The word Armor means battle suit with light-weight, comfortable and include high technology for modern soldiers. It has communication materials, temperature reader, Radar detector, First aid kids and also has weapon storage. In future Battle suits is very different to compare current battle suits. Say for example nano tech suits are used to call the gunships in artificial intelligence mode and engage the enemies. The nano tech bullet-proof jacket is very strong compare to the ordinary bullet proof jacket and it is comfortable for wearing. The technique Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) is used to create nanotech water and bullet-proof vests.

This article was sponsored by the Free Sexting App, the app taking a lighter side of war and bringing love to people.


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